A learning environment where Life Stylers can participate in a wide range of skill-based activities: arts & crafts, woodwork, computer, food preparation, relaxation, exercise, games, and personal care development. All are given opportunity to learn about setting and achieving goals, as well as education and support regarding behaviour, social skills and communication.
900 Queen Street also operates a laundry where Life Stylers can further practice their self-sufficiency skills by processing the Trust laundry.

104 Café

The Trust Cafe at 104 Amy Street is the “Hub of the Trust”
A formal dining experience with live entertainment provides the back drop making 104 Cafe an ideal venue for positive interactions, socialization and education.
The meal preparation, cooking and presentation is carried out by Life Stylers with minimal oversight from staff, making 104 Cafe also a rewarding place for skill enhancement and the building of self esteem.


Our 8 acre life style block situated in rural Kerepehi, a 15 minute drive from Thames, is the ideal venue to enhance and develop abilities of those wishing to spend time in an outdoor environment. The farm is tended on a daily basis. Life Stylers with the support of staff have developed a food source to support the nutritional requirements of the Trust. The ability to grow our own vegetables and to raise our own meat, provides Life Stylers the opportunity and experience of organic farming and permaculture while contributing to the Trust.

Bright Smile Community Gardens

A joint project with The Organic Strategy Group that meets two mornings a week performing gardening tasks using organic principles. This provides an opportunity for community participation, and to develop gardening and social skills alongside members of the wider community.

Roll Call

Life Stylers are encouraged to participate in this monthly Trust wide meeting which outlines the upcoming vocational programme. This forum supports Life Stylers to build confidence with speaking in front of others, provides opportunities for education on day-to-day issues and is also a venue for invited guests to share their experiences and knowledge. We welcome members of the wider community to join us in this setting. Roll Call is held at 9am in the Grahamstown Hall on the last Monday of each month.

Enterprise Starfish

Enterprise Starfish is the Life Styler employment arm of The Supported Life Style Hauraki Trust.

Services offered:

  • Employment
  • Budgeting
  • Advocacy
  • Education
  • Grievance