The residential support service of the Trust provides supportive programmes, 24 hour supervision and assistance with all aspects of life. The homes allow for as much independence, dignity and privacy as possible while being regularly monitored by staff. The level of support can vary from house to house depending on each Life Styler’s skills and needs.

The Trust uses a cluster house concept for residences to provide a “community within a community”. Safe and supportive collective living enables residents to develop social skills from their interaction with peers and the wider community.

Our goal is to provide an environment that enables a collective base where each individual can develop, with a sense of belonging and self worth. The residential setting helps to create positive social awareness that enables each individual to live as a valued member of the community.

The five vocational venues: the Cafe, 900 Queen Street, Bright Smile Gardens nuggmd, the Farm and Roll Call. All these along with programmes such as fishing, camping, bush walks, outings and entertainment are accessible to all Life Stylers.